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LIT-POLSKA is a branch of the large, stable German LIT AG group, which has been providing transport services on the European market for over 30 years. We deal with logistics, including contract logistics and e-commerce, warehousing, international forwarding and truck transport.

Contract logistics

This is an advanced service to allow your company optimize logistics costs and ensure high quality to its customers. We take responsibility for managing the goods, from delivery, through storage, all added services such as quality control, picking, packaging, to preparing the goods for distribution and their shipment. You do not need to have your own warehouse and employ qualified staff to operate it. We provide optimal space, qualified employees, appropriate tools (forklifts, wrappers, scanners, etc.) and, most importantly, our know-how.

Outsourcing logistics services is suitable for companies entering the market that do not yet have appropriate resources, as well as for large enterprises because it allows them to reduce infrastructure maintenance costs and optimize the supply chain.

Thanks to modern warehouse management systems and interfaces to the ERP system, current information on all goods flows is provided. The B2B panel of our WMS warehouse management system allows you to notify receipts and issues of goods and generate warehouse summaries from a web browser.

Full service

thanks to successful cooperation of all departments of the LIT Group AG

A committed team

focused on the highest quality services provided


with customer systems


to the specific nature of the client's business and individual business needs

Best services

at the optimal ratio of price to quality

Store service

online e-commerce

Our contract logistics and warehousing services:

Logistics Platform and Warehouse in Wroclaw

The modern warehouse is located in the Panattoni Logistics Park at ul. Logistyczna 8. The 12,500 m² facility has eight loading docks, a gate enabling loading from “0” level and, thanks to the optimal planning of the racking system, can store more than 17,000 pallets. The excellent location due to the distance from transport hubs connecting the A4 motorway and the S8 expressway provides transport connections with most large cities in Poland and Europe.

By maintaining high quality standards, the warehouse is ideal for customers in the food industry, with the added advantage of being registered with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), which allows to store and ship goods to the USA.
CCTV camera systems and an alarm installation also ensure safety during the process of picking and packing shipments for E-COMMERCE logistics.

A great advantage of this Logistics Platform is the wide range of transport services offered, such as domestic groupage transport, full truckload transport and door-to-door deliveries.

Warehouse space
Places in high storage racks

WMS AnteeoIT warehouse management system

CCTVCamera system

AWarehouse class

Loading docks

Logistics Platform and Warehouse in Zabrze

The facility is located in the centre of Upper Silesia, adjacent to the A1 motorway, connected to the main communication routes in Poland and the entire region. By meeting special fire protection requirements and using sprinklers in the shelves, we offer the possibility of safe storage of lithium-ion batteries.

Warehouse space
Places in high storage racks

WMS AnteeoIT warehouse management system

CCTVCamera system

AWarehouse class

Loading docks

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Logistics of online stores

E-commerce logistics

  • Fulfilment – transfer of all processes related to the preparation and distribution of orders in the online store
  • Real-time communication
  • Integration of IT software at every stage of the supply chain
  • Optimization of warehouse operations
  • Systems supporting picking
  • Multipicking – simultaneous picking of several orders
  • B2B and B2C shipments
  • Picking orders for shipment
  • Creating promotional sets, labelling, adding documents or instructions
  • Packaging and personalization according to customer guidelines
  • Returns handling – verification of returned goods and replenishing the stock with returned products,
  • Shipping by any courier or to a parcel locker
  • WMS warehouse management system synchronized with all the most popular e-commerce platforms

E-commerce logistics

Nowadays, effective E-Commerce logistics means maximizing sales profits, customer satisfaction and the key to company success. Properly planned fulfilment reduces logistics costs, and the increasing customer expectations regarding the speed of the logistics process make the e-commerce industry the main segment using the services of logistics operators.

To meet our customers’ expectations, we provide efficient service for online stores; our fulfilment is fully adapted to their needs, regardless of the industry and customer expectations.

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